Women in Law – Frauen im Recht

Women in Law – Frauen im Recht

We are all equally equipped for success, yet few succeed. Women in Law stands against this discriminatory approach and promotes equality for all. We have chosen two ways to approach this issue: by building support and empowerment, as well as by creating awareness. If we can lift each other up and share successes, we can improve everyone’s professional life in the legal field.

Female pioneers

The first 100 years …

In 1919 the first woman was admitted to study law at the University of Vienna – a milestone in the history of women in law. Today, 100 years later, women are represented in all legal fields – but they are still facing challenges in their work life.

Where are we now?

The next Generation

In 2019 women in law are still struggling with their work life-balance, and the necessary flexibility. But we have begun embracing change,
diversity, inclusivity and intersectionality. The future holds more challenges for the legal profession in a digital age.

Women in Law – Frauen im Recht

In 2019, following the Women in Law – Frauen im Recht conference in Vienna, an association was founded to further promote the cause.