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Conference registration and refreshments

Conference opening remarks and introduction of keynote speakers

Keynote address “women in the law”

part I) Female pioneers in law

  • Where did our journey(s) start?
  • Keynote address by Professor Ilse Reiter-Zatloukal “the first women in law – pioneers then and now”

Networking break

part II) Women in law today

  • Where are we now?
  • Keynote address by Professor Sally Wheeler, OBE, MRIA, FAcSS (Dean of ANU College of Law) (tbc) “the gender gap in legal professions – a European Union perspective”
  • Plenary panel discussion “the gender gap in legal professions – a global perspective” with leading experts in the various legal professions

Networking Lunch

part III) The next generation

  • Where do we want to be and how do we get there?
  • tracks I-V: 1 or 2 break-out sessions per track with renowned experts in the relevant fields
  • track I) legal tech and women – Will the disruption of the workplace by AI, machine learning and robotics open up new opportunities for women?
  • track II) millennials – Which special challenges does the new generation of employees face / pose?
  • track III) work-life balance – Can we have it all?
  • track IV) diversity, inclusivity & intersectionality – Going beyond gender: How building a culture of inclusion is essential for a holistic and successful way of addressing the dilemma of diversity in the legal profession today!
  • track V) the power of role models – Mentorship, networking, role models … cornerstones of success for future generations. How building ladders for younger women will also boost your own career.

Conference closing remarks by the organizer

Networking Drinks