Nathalie Leroy

Nathalie Leroy

Nathalie Leroy

Nathalie Leroy

Where did you study law?

In Lille at the university of law and Sciences PO (Politics)

In short, please describe your career steps?

After 3 years as young lawyer in Lille, I arrived in Paris and really began my career in 2000 as associate in one of the most famous law firms in Paris. I was very lucky to have, as boss the first female president of the Paris Bar.
I learned a lot with her and she explained to me – for the first time – the discriminations she was facing as woman and candidate to the presidency. Then, I realized that women in my job were not treated as men and I committed myself, very soon, as an active member of French women lawyer association.

Later, I created my own firm in Labour Law, with a woman lawyer in Paris. When I left, we were 5 women partners. Then, I made the choice of my heart and returned to Lille, where I’m senior partner in a law firm.

In short, what were the obstacles in your career path?

I must confess, that I never had any obstacles in my career. I think it’s because I made the choice of creating my own firm and then, be partner in a small firm.

But in our French women lawyer association, we can see that women who work in bigger companies and law firm, usually encounter such difficulties. Men doesn’t accept to share the power at the same level. And then, they have constantly to fight to be recognized for their competences.

In which position / company / institution are you currently working?

I’m senior partner in my own law firm.

What is your take on work-life balance?

I am very careful that my professional life does not overlap with my personal life and I try to discipline myself to disconnect them. I try to have multiple lives in one and not just focus on my career as a lawyer. For example, I just graduated in Ayurveda, I am passionate about contemporary art and in my spare time, I do interior design.

What is your motivation to speak at “Women in Law”?

As former president of French women lawyer association and former board member of European women lawyer association, I would share my experience in those associations, because I know that exchanging in a place without competition, with other women counsels, lawyers, law professors, judges … allows to be stronger, to help each other, to progress and to be energized.