MMag. Franz J. Heidinger

MMag. Franz J. Heidinger, LL.M. (Virginia)

Franz J. Heidinger, LL.M. (Virginia), is a trained lawyer, English/Americanist, and has many years of experience in international business law. He is a business lawyer in Vienna and partner of Alix Frank Rechtsanwälte GmbH. Franz Heidinger is a court-sworn and certified interpreter for the English language and is the majority owner of Translex Büro für juristische Fachübersetzungen GmbH, which he and Andrea Hubalek founded, where he is responsible for quality control in legal matters.

Due to his teaching activities in the field of English legal terminology, including at the Universities of Vienna and Graz as well as at the various bar associations, he is very familiar with the concerns of English legal terminology in teaching and practice. In 2016 Franz J. Heidinger was elected Vice-President of EULETA, the European Legal English Teachers’ Association e.V. In June 2018 he was awarded the professional title “Professor”.