Media Coverage on the Justitia Awards 2020





Media Coverage on the Women in Law Initiative

Anwaltsblatt: Frauen im Recht

An interview with co-founder Alix FRANK-THOMASSER on the history of female lawyers in Austria. 2019. Page 31. [German]

Anwaltsblatt: Women in Law Konferenz in Wien

An interview with the female legal professional Zuzana NÖTSTALLER on the Women in Law conference in 2019. 2019. Page 388. [German]

Der Standard: Karrierehilfe für Juristinnen

An article by Karin BAUER about the struggles of being a female legal professional. 2019 [German]

Medianet: Women in Law in Wien

Frau & Karriere: Women in Law – Frauen im Recht

MSI Pulse: Q&A Alix Frank-Thomasser on Women in Law

Kleine Zeitung: Justitia ist eine Frau

An article by Veronika DOLNA on the importance of female legal professionals in politics. 2020. [German]

Die Presse: Wie Juristinnen ihre Jobs sehen

An introduction to the Women in Law conference 2020 in the newspaper “Die Presse”. 2020. [German]

Wiener Zeitung: Juristinnen aus Wissenschaft und Praxis international vernetzt

Nadja GERLICH introduces the Justitia Awards in the Wiener Zeitung. 2020. [German]

Anwalt Aktuell: 68% mehr Geld für männliche Seniorpartner …?

An interview with the Women in Law founders. Anwalt Aktuell. 2020. [German]

Justitia ist eine Frau

In Interview with co-founder Frank-Thomasser by Manz. 2020. [German]

An Interview with Frank-Thomasser. 2020

Interview: Dr. Alix Frank-Thomasser, CLP


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