Mag. Laura Sanjath

Mag. Laura Sanjath

Laura Sanjath

Mag. Laura Sanjath

Where did you study law?

At the University of Vienna, Austria and the University of Copenhagen, Denmark

In short, please describe your career steps?

I graduated from the University of Vienna with a degree in law in 2017 and plan on finishing my degree in English and American studies at the University of Vienna at the beginning of 2020.

After completing my court clerkship, I worked in two Law firms in Vienna before starting my job as a legal consultant at the Vienna Economic Chamber.

I have been teaching Anglo-American Legal Language at the faculty of Law since 2017.

In short, what were the obstacles in your career path?

Juggling several projects and employers at once and setting my priorities.

In which position / company / institution are you currently working?

I am employed at the legal department of the Vienna Economic Chamber (WKO Wien) and work as an external lecturer at the University of Vienna Faculty of Law, teaching Anglo-American Legal Language.

I am also currently studying English and American Studies at the University of Vienna.

What is your take on work-life balance?

Being constantly available via cellphone is a blessing and a curse. I take advantage of working on the go whenever and wherever I want. It can be difficult to disconnect and I have to make a conscious effort to take time off.

What is your motivation to speak at “Women in Law”?

I would like to offer the perspective of a recent graduate who is just starting out in the legal profession.