Justitia Awards

Justitia Awards 2020

The Justitia Awards will honor outstanding female laureates of the legal professions in one of three categories. Nominations are open to women in law in all legal professions: lawyers, notaries public, in-house counsel, judges, researchers and scientists, civil servants, etc.

Nominations for the Justitia Awards 2020 are closed. The Laureats’ Selection Committee will review the many interesting nominations we have received in the next few weeks.

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Justizpalast, the Palace of Justice, in Vienna taken from wikimedia [Public domain]

The Women in Law Initiative (WiL), based in Central Europe, was founded in 2018 and is now organized through an Austrian NPO called Women in Law – Frauen im Recht. Its Board approved the creation of the Justitia Awards to be presented following the Second International Women in Law Conference in Vienna, Austria.


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International leaders / Lifetime Award

This category celebrates the most talented and impactful women in the legal professions, recognizes their achievements and contribution to the society. The nominee is “the” outstanding woman of the year, demonstrating excellence, as the most innovative and groundbreaking lifetime achiever.


The nominee should have made significant impact, delivered qualitatively and/or quantitatively measurable tangible results relative to the invested resources and influenced demonstrable changes in: attitudes, beliefs, and practices towards gender equality in legal professions.

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Young achievers / Game changers / Pioneers

The nominee is a game changer, who has made an impact in the promotion of innovative approaches resulting in opportunities for women in law or a young legal professional, who has shattered the glass ceiling in her field. This includes new ways of working where “business as usual” has failed and innovative “out-of-the-box” solutions have succeeded. She has demonstrated innovation in terms of: the themes covered; the methodology employed; the channels used to create opportunities; and/or other aspects.

The Justitia Laureates’ Selection Committee will review each nomination, shortlist the finalists, and select the laureates of the categories. The finalists will be notified of their selection and will be recognized following the Women in Law Conference 2020.


Deadline of Nominations: March 15, 2020. Please use the form provided. Only materials received prior to the deadline will be considered by the selection committee.

The Justitia Award is an honorary award with no monetary payments. The selection of laureates falls under the sole discretion of the Justitia Laureates’ Selection Committee. The Committee further reserves the right to grant special awards beyond the categories. Any recourse is excluded.


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