Nominee: EWLA
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Nominee: EWLA

The European Women Lawyers Association (EWLA) is registered in Belgium as an international non-governmental, non-profit, association (Association Sans But Lucratif). It is a federation of national women lawyers’ associations from amongst the European Union countries and those of EFTA countries. Members of EWLA are also individual female lawyers and academics from these countries. EWLA pursues the co-operation of European women lawyers to combine their specific expertise in monitoring law and politics seen from the angle of fundamental rights, and, in particular, gender equality.

Cherie Blair

“Promoting women in the law both nationally and internationally is incredibly important to me. The Women in Law Initiative creates an environment for women lawyers to inspire and encourage one another. It is organizations like this that help enable equality and positive changes for ourselves and those who aspire to be the lawyers of the future.”

Cherie set up the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women in 2008 to help women build small and growing businesses in Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East in order for them to be able to contribute to their economies and have a stronger voice in their societies.

Mrs. Blair is a member of ICRW’s leadership council, Ambassador for the GSMA Connected WomenProgramme, President of the Loomba Foundation, Ambassador for Scope, and the Trustee of Africa Justice Foundation. She is also Vice-Chair of the US Secretary of State’s International Council for Women’s Business Leadership and Honorary Chair of the World Justice Project. A firm believer in the transformative power of education, Cherie has been Chancellor of AUW (Asian University for Women) since 2011.

EWLA brings together women lawyers across the European Union, for instance through the closest possible contact with bars, law societies, associations of women lawyers, faculties, and schools of legal education and research, both on a national and international level and with European or other public authorities. By encouraging meetings, cooperation, and understanding between women lawyers, the links between EU female lawyers are strengthened

Margaret McCabe

“I founded the EWLA as it fell to me to take responsibility to set the agenda for a level playing field. I knew (then as now) that women in Europe need to stand united as decisions are made that affect them, children and the vulnerable. No person is above the law and it is women who will ensure this is achieved.

The CEO and Founder of Debate Mate – a fun, innovative, global social enterprise, which is revolutionizing education by a program skilling up young people with 21st-century skills in reparation for the automation of work – Margaret is working towards achieving education for all and everywhere. Ms McCabe was the first runner up in the 2018 Yidan prize for education.

Margaret is a barrister with substantial business knowledge, which she gained during more than 20 years working in Commercial Law. Additionally, she has a good working knowledge of European and International Law as well as an in-depth understanding of the City of London and regulatory matters.

Dame Janet Gaymer

“(…) In 1998 EWLA concluded that women lawyers continued to face many challenges and obstacles in their careers, such as combining motherhood with practice, and sexual harassment. More needed to be done. (…) Over the next two years, EWLA was created, culminating in a conference in Berlin in 2000. At that conference, issues faced by women lawyers, such as unequal pay, were identified – issues which continue to be of relevance today in the practice of law. This is why EWLA continues to play an important role in giving a voice to women lawyers. As one of the founders of EWLA, I am delighted to have had the privilege of helping that voice to be heard.”

Dame Janet founded and was the head of the employment department of the international law firm, Simmons & Simmons. She also founded the UK and European Employment Lawyer Associations.

In 2001 Dame Janet became the Senior Partner of Simmons & Simmons and, in 2006, was appointed Commissioner for Public Appointments and Civil Service Commissioner. Since then, she has held several appointments in the public and private sectors.

EWLA is taking part in the 2020 Justitia Awards. We are grateful for the contribution.


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