Nominee: Omnia Gadalla
September 9, 2020 7:38 pm Published by

Nominee: Omnia Gadalla

Omnia Gadalla

Women in Law Initiative is very important since it gathers high calibers of women in law and shed lights on their contributions. It also allows them to share their challenges and insights which guide and benefit other women especially young ones who are striving to build their career. It informs other women in law and another professions/fields that there are women in high posts and the decision making positions and how women could make their way and occupy seats that have been always reserved for and occupied by males especially in male-dominated careers including law (on the bench, law firms,…etc.) this indeed gives hope and delivers a msg that other women can make it too. 

Personally, reading the biographies of influential women in law helps me a lot. I envisage that the legal field still waits and needs more women high calibers and one role model can change, inspire and support many. Justice O’Connor wrote what I strongly believe in “My intuition and my experience persuade me that having women on the bench, and in other positions of prominence, is extremely important. The self-perception of women is informed by such examples, and by the belief of women that they too, can achieve professional success at the highest levels… Breaking free of these stereotypes required some good examples. Recent sociological literature strongly suggests that positive role models play a significant role in professional and other achievements… A paucity of women in position of power creates a vicious cycle. When women are grossly underrepresented in government and in the law…, other women are less likely to believe that they belong in positions of power”. “Majesty of the Law” book by Sandra Day O’Connor, First woman judge in the USA Supreme Court in 1989. 

To me, being in the community of “Women in Law” will contribute indeed to my career and expose me to new opportunities and widen my network with more women in law from different legal systems in different countries. It also amplifies the potential of working together on projects, papers, and sharing experiences. Furthermore, it gives an opportunity to focus on the issues that women encounter in the legal field and be hand in hand and solidarity with each other. That will indeed make transnational and contagious difference and promise with a better future for all women in general and women in law in specific. 

Omnia Gadalla is taking part in the 2020 Justitia Awards. We are grateful for her contribution.


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