Nominee: Antonija Petričušić
August 19, 2020 6:25 pm Published by

Nominee: Antonija Petričušić

Antonija Petričušić

As an active and engaged citizen, I believe that our democratic society can prosper only if we as citizens come together and cooperate with people who share equal interest, values, and goals. I believe professional associations, such “Women in Law” is, are not only empowering women who are sharing similar career goals and advancing the influence of women in the legal field, but are an important tool of generating trust and cooperation among female citizens and thus strengthen democracy.

By coming together in professional organizations we make both ourselves and our society stronger. By coming together we develop ourselves, expand our professional network, become stronger and more visible, and we change our society to be more fair, more just, and more inclusive.

Antonija Petričušić is taking part in the 2020 Justitia Awards. We are grateful for her contribution.


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