Nominee: Rosario Silva de Lapuerta
July 15, 2020 1:39 pm Published by

Nomimee: Rosario Silva de Lapuerta

Given the importance of the legal professions in our society, the full incorporation of women into the world of law is essential. 

It is necessary that women who finish their studies can access professional life and exercise functions in the judiciary, the Administration, the law firms or the University. 

To promote this full incorporation into professional life, initiatives such as the Women in Law Association are very useful and allow all female legal professionals to help in their projects and aspirations. 

The Court of Justice of the European Union, of which I am Vice-President, has promoted, through its jurisprudence, equality between men and women in the labor market, having recognized already in 1976, in its Defrenne ruling, that the principle of equal pay is part of the foundations of the Community. 

I can therefore only wish the Women in Law Association and all its members and supporters every success, and hope that they will continue as before in their work to help women lawyers. 

Rosario SILVA DE LAPUERTA is taking part in the 2020 Justitia Awards. We are grateful for her contribution.