Newsletter 26/03
March 26, 2020 2:31 pm Published by

Newsletter 26/03

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Women in Law Conference 2020 postponed

The Women in Law Initiative announces postponement of their international Conference in June 2020 to a later date. Health and safety in time of Corona are paramount but work for gender equality in the legal world continues despite global pandemic.   The 2nd international Women in Law Conference will not take place in June 2020. ‘It is with a sad heart that we have to postpone our 2020 conference’, the organizers announced today, ‘the health and safety of everyone involved with this project are of paramount importance to us. Therefore, because of the COVID 19 pandemic we are taking all responsible measures to ensure the conference can take place later this year, Women in Law initiator Dr. Alix Frank-Thomasser emphasized. The new date will be announced shortly. ‘We look forward to seeing all of you later in 2020, in the meantime, stay home and stay safe. Together we can master the current situation’, Alix Frank-Thomasser appealed to the Women in Law community.

Crisis as a catalyst for increased work flexibility, new solutions in the legal world

Lockdowns and shelter in place orders are drastically changing legal work across the globe. ‘As lawyers, judges, notaries public, and in-house counsel we face a situation as never experienced before. The legal world was quick to adapt, though.’, Women in Law co-initiator Prof. Franz Heidinger pointed out, ‘for the longest time many in the legal world were reluctant to adopt modern flexible working solutions, which are widely regarded as important measures to increase the low numbers of women in mid- and top-level positions in all legal professions globally’, Franz Heidinger explained, ‘in the current crisis, however, employers everywhere adopt home office solutions. Due to the rapidly changing legal situation, the workload in law firms, for example, has drastically risen over the last few days and weeks. The switch to remote work is a tremendous challenge but the results speak for themselves. Being able to stay safely at home, look after themselves and their loved ones, employees still deliver the same great work as always’, Franz Heidinger, senior partner in a Viennese law firm proudly stated.   ‘The current situation might, therefore, have a lasting positive impact and change the way we work in the legal professions.’ Alix Frank-Thomasser and Franz Heidinger are hopeful that the first-hand experience of home office solutions and other flexible work will have a lasting positive impact on the legal world and improve the situation of women in the legal professions. ‘The Women in Law Initiative will continue its work. We encourage our community to support each other to stay safe.’

Share your experience with us!

Share your experience with us! Now that you are most likely working from home, share your opinion and experience with us. Tell us about legal work in the times of Corona. How has your work changed? How do you feel about home office, distance learning, etc? Share your views (and pictures) with us on Facebook.