The perfect way to expose misogynistic Law Companies
January 16, 2019 10:19 am Published by

The perfect way to expose misogynistic Law Companies

It is a shame to make this a subject of discussion, but, unfortunately, it is reality. The following steps should help to figure out whether a (law) company mistreats female associates or not.

Ask relevant questions

In order to ensure a successful career, women law students and lawyers ought to ask several relevant questions regarding the company in which they want to work. First of all, it is necessary to look for an overview about statistical information: How many women associates are employed in the office? How many women with children were released in the past five years? Is there a comparable rate of released men?

Obtain information about women’s networks

Equally important are questions about an existing women’s network within the firm. Specific questions regarding a functioning network give a summary of the company as a whole, and especially the position of women. Moreover, it is helpful to ask for current events, which are organized by the firm and integrate female associates. Questions about a planned budget for a women’s network give a good insight about the value of the network.

Figure out details about a mentoring program

An existing mentoring program for women is very useful to establish an attitude within the company that is pro-women. Therefore, it is helpful to ask how often meetings regarding the mentoring program take place. As mentioned above, questions about a planned budget for mentoring programs are a good opportunity to determine the appreciation of such programs.

Compare flexible working hours

To get an overview about the handling of female and male associates, it is advisable to compare the flexible working hours. With questions such as ‘How many of the firm’s associates (or partners/lawyers) who work flexible or reduced hours are female?’ one can receive an impression of whether the firm distinguishes between women and men. Another good indicator is the percentage of mothers and fathers, who are working as an associate or a partner in the firm.

Find out about the family-friendliness of the company

In connection with the information above, it is also advisable to figure out how family-friendly the prospective employer is. The most important questions should deal with the problem of paid family or medical leave. Does the company also provide paid maternity leave, and what is the number of women who are using this benefit? In contrast to this, it is necessary to ask whether the company provides paternity, adoptive or non-birth parent leave, and to what extent people affected use this service. Furthermore, information about same-sex health care benefits make it possible to assess the progress of the company.

Talk to parties concerned

Talking to employees of the prospectiveemployer is the best possibility to get an idea about how the company runs. Onecan ask female associations about the working atmosphere, or their workinghours. Representatives of women’s networks give information about the socialinteraction in the firm, especially with women. A talk with employees who tooka parental leave can provide a good insight into whether pregnant associatesare treated appropriately. There is a pleasant side effect: Such talks are a goodopportunity to establish new contacts with potential future colleagues.