How to have a family life despite working in a law firm
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How to have a family life despite working in a law firm

Nowadays it has become very demanding to combine a work life in a law firm, having aspirations to being in a successful position, with having plans of starting a family. In this blog I want to sketch out some possibilities how to overcome these barriers.

How it all begins…

First of all, in ideal law firms, the possibility of combining the wish to become a partner someday and the plan of starting a family have to be manageable and should not be in total contrast to each other. In order to make this happen part-time work has to be made possible without reducing the chances for climbing the corporate ladder.

Imagine acouple

But how exactly does it become so unsuitable? Well, imagine two law school classmates marry or enter into a relationship just after their graduation. So, they are both in their mid-twenties and get a typical law firm job with a chance of advancing to becoming a partner after a couple of years.

The first challenges

The first years are very demanding and stressful, relationship-wise and work-wise but they get through it. Now they are in their early thirties. The idea of starting a family grows. However, this is the part where it all gets more demanding.

Decisions have to be made

With the aspect of partnership just in reach, they have to decide whether they want to endure the intense stress and the unavailability to each other for a few more years in exchange for being one of the partners of the law firm (without the perspective of having a less stressful life).

Time to say goodbye

While the work-stress is at its peak, the question of children is also increasing. The perspective of being around sixty when their children enter college and not spending significant time with them because of their job doesn’t sound very appealing to them so, eventually, they leave.

What if…?

So, the resulting question is: What has to happen in order to make them stay? Many lawyers are leaving although knowing that the chances of partnership, which is linked to considerable profits, aren’t bad. So money can’t be the decisive factor. Instead, their work life balance has to be restored and in order to restore it, the necessity of part-time working options and working less overtime hours is undeniable.

Sharing work is crucial

Staffingcases realistically and facilitating the option of job sharing is essential.The workload a particular person has to handle can get very quickly out ofhand, because of various reasons. So in order to prevent completely overloadingparticular people with more work than they can deal with, job-sharing is thecrucial key. It is, however, attached to some costs that firms will have tobear but it is also a way of giving people a chance of having a family inperfect harmony with their aspirations concerning their jobs.

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